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Wheels of Change

Wheels of Change Exhibition

The Elliott Museum’s automotive technology collection is a result of Sterling Elliott’s work as a bicycle manufacturer in the late 1800’s. Mr. Elliott was a prolific inventor with hundreds of patents to his credit. Among them was his invention of the kingpin and steering knuckle which made it possible to steer a four-wheeled vehicle. Virtually all of the early automobile manufacturers adopted the Elliott design. Sterling Elliott collaborated with his neighbors Freelan and Francis Stanley in steam engine, steering, and suspension technology. Eventually the Stanley brothers acquired the Elliott bicycle business along with that firm’s patents. Some of Elliott’s inventions were incorporated in early Stanley automobiles. The Elliott collection includes examples of Elliott hickory bicycles, Mr. Elliott’s 1903 Stanley runabout (with original upholstery still intact), a 1914 Detroit Electric, a 1903 Cadillac, a 1905 curved dash Olds and a 1905 REO runabout. The museum also has a 1909 Hupmobile that was originally purchased by Mr. Harmon Elliott (Sterling Elliott’s son). Other early vehicles in the collection include a 1907 Maxwell touring, a 1909 Ford Model “T” touring, a rare 1910 Moline Model “M” Dreadnaught touring, and a 1914 Packard model 2-38 seven passenger touring with electric lighting. The collection includes several interesting Classic era vehicles, along with one of the most extensive groupings of rare Model “A” Ford cars and commercial vehicles in the world. Mr. Elliott Donnelley worked for over 40 years to assemble his Model “A” Ford collection. Donnelley was a student of American history with a particular interest in the Great Depression of the early 1930’s.

Examples of Model “A” commercial vehicles in the collection include a “C” cab United Parcel Service delivery truck, a “Drop Floor” delivery van (which may have been used by a small dry cleaning firm), two original condition Funeral Coaches, a roadster pick-up, various examples of stake side farm trucks, dump trucks (including a rare roadster dump truck), a Bell Telephone line service truck, a “Standrive” milk truck, a Model “AA” service truck (which may have been owned by a local car repair shop), and a Model “AA” service tow truck. In addition to the commercial vehicles, the collection includes many rare Model “A” automobiles. The Elliott Museum’s new facility incorporates a unique three tiered automated rack storage system for 55 vehicles. This display is located in our Wheels of Change gallery and incorporates a turntable so that all of the vehicles in the storage system can be called retrieved and placed on display for viewing. Designed and installed for the Elliott Museum by Boomerang Systems of Provo, Utah, this automated system is the only one of its type currently installed in an American museum.

Elliott Museum: Display Vehicles (as of 8-20-13)

1902 Stanley Steamer Runabout, recent cosmetic restoration, original owner was Sterling Elliott
1903 Cadillac Roadster, recent cosmetic restoration, single cylinder engine
1905 REO Roadster
1905 Oldsmobile, Curved Dash, single cylinder engine
1907 Maxwell Touring Car, 2 cylinder engine, similar to Jack Benny car
1909 Ford Model “T” Touring Car 1909 Hupmobile Speedster, originally owned by Harmon Elliott
1910 Moline Model “M” Dreadnaught, Touring Car, restored, sleeve valve engine
1914 Detroit Electric, dual controls, swivel seats, recent cosmetic restoration, original brocade interior
1914 Packard 2-38, Seven Passenger Touring Car*, restored, 6 cylinder, formerly owned by Ralph Evinrude
1920 Hudson Super Six Limousine, restored, originally owned by Enrico Caruso
1922 Durant Star, wood body Depot Hack, restored
1923 Stutz Model 690 Roadster, side mounted spare tires, rumble seat, 6 cylinder, CCCA Classic
1925 Rolls-Royce Springfield Silver Ghost Pall Mall dual windshield Touring Car, restored
1926 Bugatti T-35 Grand Prix Racer, possibly a recreation using authentic Bugatti components
1927 Ford Model “T” Fordor sedan, restored
1928 Chevrolet “AB” coupe, faux convertible body with non-functional landau irons
1930 Lincoln Model “L” Brunn body open front Town Car, V-8 engine, CCCA Classic, restored
1936 Austin “Nippy” Roadster*, restored, originally owned by Harmon Elliott, used as shore car on board his yacht.
1941 Lincoln Continental convertible*, restored, 12 cylinder, CCCA Classic
1953 Cunningham C-3 convertible, restored, Vignale body, Chrysler 300 hemi, made in West Palm Beach, FL
1954 Chevrolet Corvette, Polo White/red interior, restored, 6 cylinder, Powerglide transmission
1955 Ford Thunderbird convertible, red/white hardtop/red & white interior, restored
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible*, restored, unusual Dusk Pearl color, continental tire, dual antennas
1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza convertible*, 6 cylinder air cooled engine, Powerglide transmission
1965 Porsche 356-C Coupe*, red/black interior, chrome wheels, Blaupunkt radio, restored
1976 Citicar Electric coupe, original condition, light blue/white wheels, made in Sebring, FL

The following Model “A” Ford cars and commercial vehicles are currently on display:

1930 Ford Model “A” Standard Coupe, two tone green, rumble seat
1930 Ford Model “A” Panel Delivery, Smithy’s BBQ
1930 Ford Model “A” Taxi, green/cream, has division, jump seat, and meter, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Pick-up truck, blue/black, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Cabriolet, black/grey wheels, rumble seat
1930 Ford Model “A” Fordor sedan, Maroon/red, restored
1930 Model “A” Standard Phaeton*, blue/black, East Lantana Police, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Deluxe Roadster, olive green, apple green wheels, black fenders
1930 Ford Model “A” woody Station Wagon*, restored
1930 Ford Model “AA” Service Truck, Burgundy/red wheels/black fenders, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Roadster Pick-up truck, blue-green/black, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Standard Phaeton, medium blue/black fenders and top, spotlight
1930 Ford Model “A” “C” Cab Panel Delivery, brown, UPS truck, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Deluxe Phaeton, restored, tan/black, chrome side mount covers
1930 Ford Model “AA” Ambulance, original “Barn Find”, camper conversion
1930 Ford Model “AA” Stake Truck, red/black
1930 Ford Model “AA” Express Truck, forest green/black, restored
1930 Ford Model “AA” Panel Delivery, brown/black, Harris Coal, restored
1930 Ford Model “AA” Funeral Service Coach, wire wheels, grey/black, restored
1930 Ford Model “AA” Police Paddy Wagon, blue/black, East Lantana Police, restored
1930 Ford Model “A” Pick-up truck, blue-green/black, Budd Body, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Deluxe Sedan Delivery, maroon/black, Gwen’s Fine Foods, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Special Delivery woody, tan/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Sport Coupe, faux convertible, two tone green/light green wheels/black fenders
1931 Ford Model “A” Convertible Sedan (A-400), black/cream wheels, dual side mounts with chrome covers, leather interior
1931 Ford Model “A” Bell Telephone Truck, York-Hoover body, forest green/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Panel Delivery, E. Wright Business Machines, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Drop Floor Panel Delivery, burgundy/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “A” Deluxe Pick-up (66-A), green/black, designed for General Electric Co. for appliance delivery service
1931 Ford Model “AA” Service Tow Truck*, boom made by Manley Manufacturing Co., red/black, Angus’ Towing Service, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” School Bus, body by Wayne, recent cosmetic restoration, painted Wayne Flame Orange/black, interactive display
1931 Ford Model “AA” Grain Truck, green/black, un-restored original
1931 Ford Model “AA” Roadster Dump Truck, dark blue/cream/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” Dump Truck, Galion Body, red/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” Fire Truck, red/black/gold leaf, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” Deluxe Delivery, maroon/black, Shawn’s Diaper Service, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” Meat Packer’s Truck, tan/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” Funeral Coach, wire wheels, original brown paint, original green mohair interior, center opening side doors, Hishman Funeral Home
1931 Ford Model “AA” Funeral Coach, wire wheels, original black paint, original green mohair interior, center opening side doors. Appeared in Sally Field movie, “Places in the Heart”
1931 Ford Model “AA” Mail Truck, 10’ tall, olive green/black, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” “Standrive” Milk Truck, white, Rockford Dairy Company, restored
1931 Ford Model “AA” flatbed truck*, black/black, Black Powder Transport, restored
1930 Ford Model “AA” Dump Truck, un-restored, orange/black
1931 Ford Model “A” Mail Truck, olive green/black, un-restored

The following wood boats are currently on display:

1934 Chris-Craft Model 58, triple cockpit, 21’, 2 windshield speedboat with inboard V-8 Chrysler Hemi engine, “Vintage Rose”, restored
1936 Chris-Craft Model C504 Standard Utility, 18’, original six cylinder inboard engine, “Bull’s Ship”, restored
1955 Chris-Craft Zephyr, 14’, Kit Boat, 1955 Mercury Silent 6 outboard engine, restored
1929 Dodge Water Car, 16’6”, dual cockpit Runabout, restored
1950 Century Sea Maid*, 17’6”, single cockpit speedboat, Grey Marine 6 cylinder inboard engine

The following motorcycles are currently on display:

1904 Indian, Hedstrom single cylinder engine, originally owned by Harmon Elliott, restored
1915 Harley-Davidson racing motorcycle, single cylinder, 2 speed, restored
1951 Indian Warrior*, 2 cylinder, original condition, 426 miles, original owner was Vaughn Monroe

Display vehicles are subject to change from time to time, please inquire if there is a particular vehicle that you want to see. Please note that the vehicles having an asterisk “*” next to the description, are presently located in the museum garage and can only be seen by appointment. To make arrangements please contact John Giltinan at jgiltinan@elliottmuseum.org, telephone 772-225-1961 x 111.  


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"Mr. Elliott Donnelly believed that the Ford Model 'A', which was inexpensive and available in multiple configurations, facilitated the growth of small businesses throughout the country. Small businesses provided economic growth and upward mobility for thousands of Americans."


Join Elliott Museum Associate Car Curator John Giltinan Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. for a special tour of the Elliott Museum's car collection. (Meet at front desk).


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